Neighbors Together Thanksgiving Dinner 2016

The newly formed Neighbors Together put on their first Community Thanksgiving Dinner. What a great event!

This was our first holiday meal and the learning curve was a bit high, but it was a big success! 

It was held on Thanksgiving day at the Presbyterian Friendship Center, in La Grande, Oregon. A lovely space with a kitchen that thrilled the cooking team.  By the time we counted workers, almost 200 people were in attendance.

The EOU football team joined us this year.  They had won their playoff game, so had to stay in town.  Some of them came to help set up and prepare food.  When it was time for dinner, they marched down the hill. There was a large group outside that cheered them in as they arrived. << See Video Below >>

The mood of the community was absolute enthusiasm.  Many people make this their go to for Thanksgiving, something that delighted and inspired me.  That celebrating with the community would be their first choice and not a “last resort” because they have nowhere to go is so beautiful!  I am already thinking about how to raise the bar next year.

I’m not at all sure there’s a way to thank people enough, but here goes:

Thank you to Jay Coleman at RD Mac, who made a generous donation and encouraged us.

Thank you, Dennis Alexander at Dean Foods/Meadow Gold for donating all of the dairy products.

Thank you, anonymous donors, for flowers, pies, money and enthusiastic support. 

Thank you, Dusty, for donating ten turkeys.

Thank to the Union High School class, who made our center pieces. Thank you!

Thank you very much for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Enjoyed the food and the company. Linda H. 

Thank you for feeding us. Love, The Football Team

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful meal, I really enjoyed it. Thank you, Bryn

Very kind service, friendly chats and delicious food. Thank you

Thank you. Very good. Linda W.

I would personally like to that all of those who served and participated in this labor of love! It is such a wonderful gift to the community! And brings people together and always a blessing. Love in Christ, Shawn 🙂

Thank you!

God Bless!

 – EOU Football

What a nice dinner – Great place to be able to meet and greet friends. Thanks so much. Rita H.

Thank you so much. This means the world to me, It’s family away from family.Everyone here has brightened my dayand made it easire to to be away from home. Thank you so much! – Joe B.

My personal thank you to all who gave of themselves to help our community. 

Thank you for supporting our Football Program & our fine University! More importantly, thank you for your time! This is a great event!  Thanks again….Coach