Here are last years Volunteer Statistics for our FOOD BANK, FRESH ALLIANCE, and Woodlot

Neighbors Together gives away food and emergency firewood as well as supports the numerous efforts of our volunteers. One of our goals is to provide a place for people to serve in whatever capacity they can because giving is so important. We thought it would be a good idea to share the statistics this year because it may prompt you to reach out and give or volunteer in some way.

Neighbors Together….depends on our volunteers and your support!

Neighbors Together depends on the gracious donations of our community, our dedicated volunteers and is directly supported by 12 member churches in the La Grande, Oregon area.  Until 2019, our primary corporate grant was from United Way but their funding was greatly reduced in 2019. We hope to gain a variety of support from new sponsors this year.

Our food costs have gone up and we are serving more people after Covid. 

We are pleased to announce last year’s volunteer statistics for our missions.

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2023 Volunteer Statistics and Primary Focus 

Food Bank(once a month – on last Saturday)

# of Households                        840

# of people in Household       2406

# of Volunteers                            144

# of Volunteer Hours                 350        


Fresh Alliance(every Tuesday)

# of Distribution days               51

# of Households                        2496

# of people in Household       6049

# of Volunteers                            576

# of Volunteer Hours               1071

# of Food Boxes Delivered    1,872

Food Donated

# of Pounds of Food donated  9,234

Food Given Away Annually
# of Pounds Food     30,282

Emergency Firewood Statistics       

# of Volunteers            73

# of Volunteer Hours    336     

# of people that got wood              67

# of cords of wood split     65

# of cords of wood distributed     53 

Phone calls requesting help or info: 213

Volunteers are screened through an independent service. 

We seek donations through Amazon Prime purchase rewards for non-profits and we have established multiple ways to donate on our website: 

These 10 Member Churches supported Neighbors Together Missions in 2023

  • St. Peter’s Episcopal
  • La Grande First Presbyterian
  • Zion Lutheran
  • La Grande United Methodist
  • La Grande Seventh Day Adventist
  • Grand REACH Ministries
  • Crossroads Community  Church
  • Church of Christ 
  • Mountain Life Church
  • Calvary Chapel


2 Supporting Churches

  • Amazing Grace Fellowship
  • 1st Christian


10 People serve on the Board of Directors.


Many local businesses offer food and services to us throughout the year and Dutch brothers sponsored a donation day just for Neighbors Together in 2021 


Numerous local people and businesses donate wood, bulk food and meat throughout the year.

Our phone serves many requests from people requesting needs better fulfilled by others but we help them as best we can.