Neighbor’s Together - Union CountyNeighbors Together of Union County hosts a weekly Fresh Alliance Food Bank distribution, a monthly food bank box distribution and we also have Emergency Firewood available for those in need.

Fresh Alliance distributes every Tuesday and the La Grande Food Bank now distributes on the last Tuesday of the month.

We share your Covid-19 Concerns!
Social distancing parameters have been implemented and are in place at food bank and Fresh Alliance Events!

Fresh Alliance hand out times can vary. Basically we can’t hand out food until it arrives from local vendors.


La Grande Food Bank (updated June 2020)
10700 S Walton Rd,
La Grande, OR 97850 
Behind Mountain Life Church by Walmart <MAP>

Food Distribution Times
Fresh Alliance: Tuesdays
Fresh Alliance is a free food pantry featuring various fresh produce, berries, milk, eggs, juice, meats bakery items and other fresh or perishable foods as availability allows.
Fresh Alliance Tuesdays 10 am to 11 am  

Food Bank: Last Tuesday of the month
Food Bank Last Tuesday 10 am to 11 am with Fresh Alliance
Volunteers Arrive 1 half hour early please.

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Here’s how our food bank works:
We buy our food from the State of Oregon, canned goods, staples, etc. and gather donated food from several sources. Sometimes it’s a trucker that is running heavy and needs to off-load a ton of potatoes. Off we go to help them off-load and then we store and distribute as we can. Very little food is wasted! And, yes, the crazy stuff our volunteers do to serve our community!

Be sure to check for announcements:

Neighbors Together of Union CountyLooking for info about our emergency firewood assistance program work?

We provide free of charge up to one cord of emergency firewood on a first come/first served basis. We give away firewood in the winter between November through April on the 2nd Saturday of the month between 9 and 12 AM or call 541 963 9126 for an appointment.

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